An Interview with Lisa Edwards

Please introduce yourself Briefly.

I’m Lisa N Edwards, I’m a crypto trader and co-owner of I am also a Screenwriter, Author and Actress.

When did you first get into crypto currency and how?

My brother, Dr. Craig Wright introduced me to crypto and it quickly became an addiction. He told me to HODL but watching the coins fluctuate drove me almost insane. One minute rich the next not so…. so I learned to trade. Trading at first was disastrous, but you need to know how to lose in order to win. And the biggest lesson a trader first needs to learn is money management.

What organization do you work with and what role do you play there?

I am co-owner of with Martin El-Kher (D4rkEnergy) and also the Chief Marketing Officer. I do everything from our Discord channel to charts and ICOs. We also do weekly video blogs and about to start interviewing crypto ICOs and influencers for our YouTube channel. We have a lot of stuff happening right now. We are trying to innovate and increase mass adoption within the crypto space.

What is your organization’s role in the crypto sector?

We are a crypto family. We help people learn to trade, and make money within the crypto space. We are aiming to change and enrich lives of the people within our crypto family so that they are able to live their dreams. Martin (D4rkEnergy) is the top ranked author on Trading View so his input is invaluable. We have exclusive ICO deals, trade signals, guides and training videos, and a supportive private forum, of the most amazing like minded people in the crypto space. We are all striving for the same goal, to live the life we love.

Where do you see your organization headed?

We are innovating the crypto space, we are spreading the love. I found when I first came into the crypto community because money is involved there is a lot of greed and negative people. We are aiming to change that, and spread positivity.

What big picture impacts will your organization have on 1) Blockchain Tech and Industry 2) Technology as a whole 3) Business 4) the lives of the ordinary person/consumer/

Part of what we do is help ICOs achieve exposure via management, marketing, and venture capital raising. Many of these companies will innovate and change the way we live and do things now and in the future. Whether it is new technology or just a better way of doing an everyday task, we are always looking for the best ICOs that will change the way an ordinary person lives. Blockchain technology is the way of the future. It is the biggest factor influencing economic growth in more than 30 years, it will change how you and I conduct our daily lives and the jobs our children will have in the future. I am really excited to be here still at the early stages of this revolution.

Where do you see blockchain tech headed in the future and how will it change the way we live?

Everyone focuses on Cryptocurrency and I like that you have asked about Blockchain as it is Blockchain that is changing the world. It enables you to interact with integrity, com

pletely eliminating the need for trust, the trust is inbuilt. Blockchain eliminates the middle man, you are going direct to the source there is no need for a third party to ever need to control transactions. This streamlines how we will do everything as a user it’s like having your own virtual fingerprint.

What are your thoughts on the current state of the market, will it ever recover to over 1T usd overall market cap and when do you suppose that will be if so?

The market is still very new comparatively to others. There is a lot of uncertainty as to where it is headed and an oversaturation of coins and tokens with only so much money to go around. 2018 is a pivotal year for the direction of many companies involved in the space. I don’t think they will all survive. I like to think of the evolution of cryptocurrency in the same way as business evolves. From Taxis to Uber, or video to DVD, to now Netflix and Apple TV. Everything is always evolving and changing, and it is how we embrace that has the most change on our everyday lives.

Many have equated the current blockchain environment to the dot com boom of the 90’s and early 2000’s, are these two eras and advances similar at all? How are they different?

I am a trader so I look at this scenario differently, and when there is greed in any market, something like the dot com boom/bust is inevitable. With greed at some point a lot of people

will take profit and usually all at once.

What websites, books, etc can you suggest to our readers who want to learn more about you, your organization, and blockchain technology as a whole?

There are so many, depending on what you want to know. block geeks is could as updated regularly
I love investopedia, if I am ever stuck I can find the answers here from EW to candles to indicators to patterns all here.
And trading books especially Elliott Waves, I am a big fan. AJ Frost Elliott Wave Principle is my go to book.

Anything you would like to add?

Thank you for the opportunity. 🙂